Study Politics!

Study Politics!

Study Politics!

  • Politicians redistribute approximately 40% of all the economic output of developed democratic countries. How are these means handled?
  • Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes seem to be on the rise. Will we still live in democratic states in the next quarter of a century?
  • Global problems are limitless; they concern each one of us, right here and right now. Is it possible to solve them? How?
  • Upon the centuries of wars, Europe seems to be united nowadays. However, for how long? Will we experience new borders dividing Europe?
  • At least according to the media, the world is a dangerous place to live. Is a new Cold War looming? What serious threat does terrorism represent for us?

Politics shifts the world; therefore, it should be studied and understood.


High-quality and widely applicable education at Charles University | the FSV | the IPS

  • Based on international rankings, Charles University is placed among the best universities in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Study centres on the enhancement of analytical capabilities of students and their skills in independent work with information.
  • Almost every student, when interested, spends part of his/her studies at a university abroad.
  • University programmes are demanding and the diploma from us is a certificate of student capabilities and dedication.

Charles University | the FSV | Institute of Political Studies is the best place for those intending to study politics in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe.


Great students = Great alumni

The quality of an educational institution depends not only on the school itself, but also - and primarily- on its students.

  • Studies at the FSV as well as the IPS are prestigious. Your would-be classmates will be extraordinarily intelligent and educated people.
  • Motivated and inspiring classmates create a motivating and inspiring environment.
  • The IPS as well as the entire Faculty are genuinely international – and students themselves are international as well.
  • A student’s self-government Political Science Club regularly holds scholarly as well as social events.
  • In the course of their studies, the students build a network of contacts of their prospective employers – via our alumni or the programme of work placement.
  • The IPS prepares its students not only for a job, but for a great job which they will excel in.

Our alumni successfully hold interesting and prestigious positions in a wide range of areas of a political, social, and economic life. Our students are excellent and, therefore, our alumni are excellent and successful as well.