Info for the September state exam

Info for the September state exam

From 1.7. registration for the September state exam is open!

👉The works are submitted ONLY to the SIS !!!! A printed version is not required.

👉Previous dates for MV/MAIN (13.-15.9.), IMSISS (12.9. written part, 14.9. defense), PPE (12.9.), GPS (14.9.), BS/MISS (19.9. written part, 21.9. defense), IEPS (20.9.)

👉Deadline for registration is the same as the deadline for submission of the final thesis - Tuesday 2.8. 2022

👉Information and instructions for students are on the FSV UK website in the FAQ section:

👉Register in the SIS for the state exam as soon as possible! It is easier to unsubscribe, late registration must go through the application to the vice-dean

👉Dates when students are to have fulfilled their obligations (August 28 for bachelors and September 4 for masters students), you do not have to print anything

👉At the address we help students with the conversion of works into PDF / A

👉The titles of the work in the electronic version must match the names given in the SIS

👉Ask any questions to