Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Politics, Philosophy and Economics

A three-year English-language Bachelor's degree programme - modelled on the Oxford-style "PPE" – which aims to give the students a solid grounding in political science (including international relations), philosophy (especially political philosophy and social ethics) and economics. The programme is hosted by the Institute of Political Studies (IPS), but taught also by members of the Institute of Economic Studies (IES). The emphasis is placed on enabling students to learn to analyse complex social, political and economic issues in a multidisciplinary manner, looking at the problems to be solved from complementary perspectives. Since traditionally the PPE study programmes aim at educating civic, political and business leaders, the study of philosophy is included in the curriculum to foster critical and creative thinking. PPE also stresses the importance of the ethical and global dimensions of the social, political and economic reality. The fact that the English-language degree programmes at Faculty of Social Sciences (or Charles University in general) are attended by students from dozens of countries from all over the world facilitates such adoption of a global perspective on politics and economics.


Programme Duration: 3 years

Language of Instruction: English

Programme Director: Janusz Salamon, Ph.D. 

Programme Coordinator: Jakub Franěk, Ph.D. 


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