Structure of IPS

Structure of IPS


The Department of Political Science was set up in 1990 shortly after the establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Institute of Political Studies was established in 1993 during the restructuring of the Faculty. In 1994 the Department of International Relations was set up and in 2015 the third Department of Security Studies was established.


Scientific Focus Areas

Institute of Political Studies guarantees bachelor study programmes Political science and International Realtions; and Political Studies and Public Policy (both in Czech language); Master´s study programmes Political Science; International Relations; and Security Studies (in Czech language); and Master in International Relations; Master in International Security Studies; Geopolitical Studies and in cooperation with the Department of Economic Studies study programme International Economic and Political Studies (in English language).

Further it guarantees Ph.D. programmes in Political Studies; and International Relations (both in Czech and English languagues).

Institute of Political Studies develops scientific activities in fields Political Studies; International Relations; and Security Studies. Department of Political Science focuses on Political parties and party systems; Political and constitutional systems; Municipal and local politics; and National interests and conflicts in contemporary world.

Department of International Relations specializes in European integration; and International organizations. Department of Security Studies focuses on Conflict transformation and resolution; Strategic studies; Security of small states; and Critical security studies with a focus on the relationship between security and technology.


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