Alumni and internships

Dear alumni, dear students,

Welcome to the website dedicated right to you. You will learn about the latest news from IPS regarding the program Alumni and Internships; moreover, we offer information on career and professional development. You will also find information about organized events and remarkable alumni. We will greatly enjoy you staying in touch with us through this website.

The main objectives of the program Alumni & Internships include:

- creation of a community of graduates proudly loyal to their alma mater and willing to participate in the events held at the IPS FSV UK,

- linking graduates of IPS FSV UK with current students,

- reflection of the needs of labor market and preparing the students of IPS for future careers,

- contribution to the further development of a prestigious position of IPS FSV UK within political science workplaces, both in the Czech Republic as well as in Central Europe.


If you are interested in a partnership with the Institute of Political Studies, or wish to obtain more information please contact Mgr. Michal Malý at

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