Mentoring programme

Mentoring programme

In addition to an internship program or a cycle Evenings with alumni, Institute of Political Studies has prepared for its students another program intended to help students to master soft skills, work habits and know-how. It is a mentoring program based on sharing experience, practical knowledge and advice from alumni / mentors to excellent students.

Principle of the program

Mentor, an experienced graduate with at least 3-year-long work experience, passes his/her experience, hands-on knowledge and advice to the student (mentee). Mentor helps the student set the goals and priorities and advises him/her on how to achieve such goals. Thus the mentor contributes to a personal and professional development of the student.

The entire program covers one semester. Mentor meets his/her "student" three times in the course of semester.

Duties of a mentor

3 meetings with a student

- First meeting: mentor helps the student set his/her career goals and identify the ways how to achieve such goals

- Second meeting: passing on experience, hands-on knowledge and advice

- Third meeting: feedback

Duties of a mentee

- Before the beginning of the program, a mentee submits his/her CV and motivation letter to a program coordinator

- Participation in meetings with a mentor, a proactive approach

- After completing the program, a mentee submits a final report assessing his/her acts

Do you want to be a part of our mentoring programme (either as a mentor or a mentee)? Contact Mgr. David Jágr at


Our mentors

Aleš Bláha


Linkedin Aleš Bláha

Filip Gröschl

Deutsche Post DHL

LinkedIn Filip Gröschl

Magdalena Havlíčková


Linkedin Magdalena Havlíčková

Vladimír Hurych

public affairs and lobbing

LinkendIn Vladimír Hurych

Lukáš Kačena

public administration

LinkendIn Lukáš Kačena

Milan Kilik

Business Development Manager at HubHub

Linkedin Milan Kilik

Lucia Klincová

Senior Specialist - Knowledge Management

LinkendIn Lucia Klincová

Michal Nekvasil

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist

LinkendIn Michal Nekvasil

Tomáš Váňa

manager at WheelTug

Linkedin Tomáš Váňa

Naďa Závodníková

consumer insight Cereal Partners Worldwide

Linkedin Naďa Závodníková