International Relations

International Relations

Information for Applicants

Institute of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University (FSV UK) offers a doctoral programme in International Relations provided jointly by the Department of International Relations and Department of Security Studies. The doctoral programme is accredited for four years in both full-time and part-time forms. The programme is taught in Czech and English. Studies in English are subject to tuition fees.

The aim of the four-year doctoral studies is to prepare highly qualified experts, able to take part in basic and applied research in the academic field and at universities, and also able to work in the public sector, take part in analytical activities of the state administration departments, and work in various types of mass media and in the Czech or international private sector.

Doctoral studies at the IPS are based mainly on the independent scientific and research work of doctoral students. The research results in the submission of a dissertation thesis. Students should also publish at least two scholarly articles during the course of their studies, take part in scientific and research activities in the form of submission of grant applications, attendance at conferences, etc. Doctoral students also have the opportunity to participate in the educational activities of the faculty. Detailed information on the rules of doctoral studies can be found here.

Full-time doctoral students are also offered to work as academic fellows at the Centre for Doctoral Studies (CDS), which can provide them with sufficient financial support for their research. At the CDS the students also participate in the organisational support activities of the doctoral studies at the Institute of Political Studies. The CDS selection procedure is held once a year and can also be attended by first-year students.

The course of studies, the final state exam and the defence of dissertation thesis is regulated by Study and Examinations Rules of CURules for The Organization of Study on FSS CUDean's provision no. 5/2021 Organization of Doctoral Studies at FSV UK, and framework study plans of particular programmes.

Information on the admission procedure and the requirements for the PhD application can be found here. For further information on the admission procedure, please contact Mgr. Tereza Volfová - from the Student Services Office. 

Branch programme/details

The aim of studying in the doctoral programme in International Relations provided by the Departments of International Relations and Security Studies of the Institute of Political Studies at the Faculty of Arts is to train experts capable of approaching the analysis of a wide range of international issues on the basis of competences built with an emphasis on theoretical reflection on international relations, methodological training, and the ability to grasp the research framework of the chosen topic.

Priority research areas of both departments have long included theoretical reflection on the institutional framework of cooperative processes, institutional dynamics of the European integration process, international security issues, and the impact of globalization on the nature of international relations on a global and regional scale.

Information on the admission procedure can be found on the university's website here and here.

Approved Supervisors

According to the rules of doctoral studies at Charles University, the following applies:

"A supervisor is mainly an academic or scientific worker (e.g. associate professor, professor, or expert on a given issue) who should guarantee the quality and proper guidance of the student and take care of the University's reputation by his/her expertise in terms of national and international standards. At the same time, he/she has sufficient time to supervise the student. The supervisor is appointed and removed by the Dean of the Faculty on the proposal of the Board of Studies."

Potential dissertation topics for the academic year 2022/2023

An applicant for the Ph.D. programme in International Relations has the opportunity to choose a dissertation topic from the list of priority areas announced for the given academic year. 

Applicants are advised to contact a potential supervisor to specify their dissertation topic after consultation. 

In case the applicant wishes to work on a different topic within the framework of his/her PhD studies, he/she should actively seek and approach the potential supervisor and obtain his/her agreement to supervise the thesis. Confirmation of agreement to supervise the thesis should be sent with the project no later than May 13, 2022.

The following links provide a list of dissertations that have been announced and defended. The application for admission by video conference can be found here.

Oldřich Černý Scholarship - Economic and Financial Threat Domain

Starting from the academic year 2017/2018, the Ph.D. programme in International Relations offers one additional scholarship of CZK 10,000 per month for a student who will be admitted to full-time study based on a project focusing on economic and financial threats. The scholarship will be made possible thanks to a donation from the Prague Security Studies Institute. Terms and conditions of the scholarship:

  • Admission to full-time study on the basis of a project on economic and financial threats with a focus on state-led economic activities in international relations;
  • proper and timely completion of the study obligations of the individual study plan;
  • cooperation with the Prague Security Studies Institute

For more information on the research focus, visit the PSSI website and consult the Student Prospectus. If you wish to consult your proposal, please contact doc. PhDr. Vít Střítecký, M.Phil., Ph.D.,