Centre for Doctoral Studies

Centre for Doctoral Studies

The Centre for Doctoral Studies (CDS) has been operating since 2012 at the Institute of Political Studies of Charles University in Prague (www.cuni.cz). The CDS is a coordinating centre for doctoral studies in political science and international relations, which is intended to contribute to the functioning of doctoral studies through the involvement of its members in research, teaching, and the internal organisation of postgraduate programmes.

The head of the CDS is Assoc. Prof. Karlas.

In its activities, the CDS focuses on supporting doctoral applicants, current doctoral students, and the Institute of Political Science itself. Therefore, the activities of the CDS include:

  • Supporting applicants for doctoral studies: communication with applicants, assistance in preparing documents for the admission procedure (especially consultation of the dissertation project)
  • Supporting current PhD students: coordinating the preparation of individual study plans and evaluation of PhD students, organizing methodological meetings and preparing guidelines for PhD students, supporting students in applying for grants, creating a platform for sharing experiences regarding scientific and research activities (conferences, seminars, etc.).
  • Support to the Institute of Political Studies in the field of doctoral studies organisation: presentation and promotion of doctoral studies at IPS, assistance with the preparation of dissertation defences and state doctoral examinations

In addition to the above activities, the CDS is a form of support for the research and publication activities of selected doctoral students. The number of CDS members may increase in the future depending on the results of the studies in the individual departments.


Division of work activities

Mgr. Martin Huňady (martin.hunady@fsv.cuni.cz)

  • Coordination and control of tasks within the CDS
  • Communication with IPS management, supervisors, and supervisors of doctoral studies
  • Organisation of entrance examinations, state examinations, and defences
  • Communication with applicants
  • Updating the list of doctoral students, maintaining reports, and a folder with information about doctoral students
  • Preparing methodological materials (handbook, administrative procedures) and informing doctoral students about news and updates concerning the organisation, course, and content of their studies.

Mgr. Kristián Földes (kristian.foldes@fsv.cuni.cz)

  • Administration of doctoral student evaluation and supplements
  • Administration of the ISP
  • Support for the legislative framework of doctoral studies
  • Preparation of special seminars
  • Administration of doctoral student travel
  • Promotion (website, printed promotional materials)