Geopolitical Studies

Geopolitical Studies

Geopolitical Studies is a two-year English-language Master´s degree programme fully accredited by the Czech ministry of Education, which seeks to explore the dynamic relationship between International Politics and Human Geography, focussing on essential theories, thinkers and regions.

As new boundaries are created between us and maps constantly re-drawn the world over, in a world that is still being described as borderless, it is therefore important to consider why this is happening. The programme will combine the strengths of the Institute of Political Studies´ strongest departments, Political Geography and Security Studies to create a unique opportunity for students to focus on a key aspect of today´s Political study.

Through the core courses, students will gain the theoretical tools and the historical background to develop a deeper analysis of the geography of the world they live in. Through their elective classes (which they may choose from a wide range of up to 30 classes per semester), they are free to strengthen their knowledge in related fields and concentrate on specific regions.


Programme director:  Doc. Martin Riegl, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the programme: Mgr. Bohumil Doboš, Ph.D.


Language of instruction: English

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