International Relations

International Relations

The Department of International Relations (Katedra mezinárodních vztahů, KMV) offers two-year Master's degree programme in International Relations both in the Czech (Mezinárodní vztahy, MV) and English (Master in International Relations, MAIN) versions. The programme provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills to understand and explain the international context of politics, economy, and security. The programme is focused on the key problems of the contemporary international order and the crisis faced by the international community. These range from the principal threat the Russian invasion of Ukraine poses to international security and stability, to medium-term and long-term challenges connected with the power competition between the USA and China, with the global economic development, and with the environment. Our programme helps students understand how international and European politics work, and what are the challenges faced by states as well as business and societal actors in the globalized world. Students learn in depth about the functioning of the European Union and of the key global institutions which states have developed to address these challenges. They study how, if at all, international conflicts can be productively transformed into cooperation. In addition to providing students with a robust background in international and European politics, the programme puts an emphasis on the development of students’ analytical capabilities, abstract and critical thinking, and communication as well as language skills. Thanks to the broad scope of competences that students acquire and deepen during their studies, our graduates become highly valued experts in national administration and diplomacy, European and international institutions, transnational corporation and NGOs, media, think-tanks, political parties, and academia.

The programme offers a double degree option in cooperation with the prestigious Department of political science and public administration at the University of Konstanz. Thus, the selected students have the opportunity to obtain the master's degree in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz, in addition to the master's degree in International Relations from Charles University. Applicants for the double degree programme are selected, based on merit, after the first semester of their studies.

More information, including details about the entry requirements, is available at the Faculty website

Programme director: doc. PhDr. Jan Karlas, MA., Ph.D.

Programme coordinator: Mgr. Viera Martinková, Ph.D.