International Security Studies

International Security Studies

We are waking to a world of ever-present and all-permeating security issues and as a result Security Studies have witnessed an unprecedented growth of real-world relevance. More than ever it is necessary to recognize and critically assess a variety of traditional and non-traditional threats and their interconnected nature. To achieve a connection between the old and the new, the programme offers an interdisciplinary course structure addressing the full scale of contemporary security challenges.

The programme provides students with a complex guide through the discipline in five concentration: Conflict Studies, European and Transatlantic Security, Regional Security Studies, Security and Technology and Strategic Studies. Moreover, a dual degree is being offered in cooperation with University of Konstanz (Germany). Responding to the pressing agendas of the current security environment the programme is administered by the team of young scholars of the Department of Security Studies.

Students will obtain theoretical and methodological training allowing them to understand a range phenomena from conventional conflicts and wars to unconventional agendas associated with virtual or space domains. The programme fosters a stimulating intellectual exchange between students and faculty which is the necessary ingredient of a successful graduate programme. We believe that the invigorating environment echoing the seven centuries of scholarly tradition, together with the collegial atmosphere of our graduate students, creates a very rewarding experience on multiple levels - personal, academic, and professional.

Graduates of the programme can pursue careers in security-related posts in government and public administration, intelligence agencies, international organizations, NGOs and transnational corporations. Last but not least, the training also provides a sound basis for doctoral studies.


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Language of Instruction: English


Programme director: doc. PhDr. Vít Střítecký, M.Phil., Ph.D.

Programme Coordinator: Mgr. Anzhelika Solovyeva, PhD.