International Economic and Political Studies

International Economic and Political Studies

International Economic and Political Studies (IEPS) is a two-year English-language Master's degree programme, which seeks to investigate contemporary political, economic and social issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Although the predominant emphasis in IEPS is on approaches from economics and political science, students will also be expected to explore their historical, legal and sociological aspects. The programme is taught by members of all five institutes (departments) of the faculty, including the Institute of Political Studies (IPS) and Institute of Economic Studies (IES).


The programme offers a unique study both in its contents and methods. It is based neither on an overview of facts about the social organisation, nor on crunching of abstract mathematical models – it offers the students the ways of thinking and understanding social, economic and political phenomena in globalised societies.


Students deal with the nature of economic objectives of agents, social organisation, institutions of power, emergence of conflicts and aims at cooperation. They are expected to master the principles of modern non-conventional economic thinking and be able to apply it in political decision-making at the level of supra-national institutions, states, regional governments, corporations, firms, political parties and groups of citizens.


Programme director: doc. Miloš Brunclík, PhD.

Coordinator of the programme: Mgr. Lukáš Hájek, M.A., Ph.D.


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