doc. PhDr. Vít Střítecký, M.Phil., Ph.D.

doc. PhDr. Vít Střítecký, M.Phil., Ph.D.


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Artificial Intelligence: Policy and Society
Online/Offline Revisionism and Conspiracy Theories

2018 – 2019: Evolution of unmanned technologies and their societal perception: analysis of opportunities and minimization of risks (principle investigator)
2018 – 2022: Human-Machine Nexus and Its Implication for International Order, Charles University Centre of Excellence, (co-author)
2016 – 2018: Anatomy of Revisionism and Its Impact on (Sub-)Regional Institutionalisations and Alliances, Grant awarded by the Czech Science Foundation (co-author)
2012 – 2017: Global Prohibition Regimes, Grant awarded by the Czech Science Foundation (co-author)
2010-2012: Security multilateralism as an Institution, Grant awarded by the Czech Science Foundation (co-author)
2012: The potential of the Czech-Polish Defence Cooperation, the Czech-Polish Diplomatic Platform, Inter-MFA initiative
2011: The Czech involvement in the EU security and defence policy (industrial and R&D potential). Project commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (principal investigator)
2011: The strategic and industrial impact of missile defence project for the EU, Strategic Report Commissioned by the European Parliament (with Nik Hynek, Ondrej Ditrych)
2009 – 2011: CRESCENDO, Coordination action on Risks, Evolution of Threats and Context Assessment by an Enlarged Network for R&D Roadmap, EU FP 7 security (Institute of International Relations)
2007- 2011: The Czech Republic in International Politics, Institute of International Relations, Grant commissioned by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic
2006 - 2008: Transnational Terrorism and the Rule of Law, EU FP6 security (Institute of International Relations)
2006 - 2008: Economic Theory of Political Markets, Research Grant of the Czech Science Foundation, holder: Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University (Ph.D. student representing Institute of Political Studies)

Vít Střítecký is an Associate Professor in International Security and Head of Department of Security Studies. His research focuses on policy issues associated with machine learning. He is most interested in regulatory approaches that emphasize the role of standardization as a way of addressing safety and security issues. More generally, his expertise lies at the interface between security and technology, which connects the courses he teaches.

Artificial Intelligence and Society; Online/Offline Revisionism and Conspiracy Theories